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Michael J Ribaudo

Writer – Urban Storyteller

Michael Ribaudo brings a unique perspective, bordering on unconventional, with aspects of immersionism. He is currently in a Master’s Program: Rhetoric and Literature of Public Engagement, in the English department at the University of Nevada, Reno. Rooted in the throes of the counter-culture he is eking out poetic takes on everyday interactions, the sphere of the drug culture and its social impact, and the African-American aesthetic as it’s presented in independent/alternative Hip-Hop. He is passionate about skateboarding but it is not a hobby by any means, it’s a lifestyle which produced a stance that reverberates his atypical outlook.

Michael is currently available as a freelance writer.

Hip-Hop and Love: Those Odes to the Ones We Adore

If you have ever loved someone, had a deep-seated emotion towards another, been affected by a cosmos-based connection that can’t be put succinctly into words then you’re in chill company. Rap, traditionally, doesn’t lend itself to the paradigm of caring about true...

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Clueless: Can Still Cuddle Over After Twenty Years

Clueless. Clueless. Cher Horowitz, the title role played by Alicia Silverstone, has to be the quintessential California-girl character of the 90’s. From several Aerosmith videos on MTV—when MTV only played music videos—to movie roles like Clueless, charismatic and...

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Care About Something: The Coffee Situation

Coffee: better than the last cup, but not as good as the next. If you’re still using coffee filters and a drip-system to brew your morning beverage you must be living in the Mesozoic era. I don’t condone the use of new-wave K-cups either. The genuine and unpretentious...

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