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Clueless: Can Still Cuddle Over After Twenty Years

Clueless. Clueless. Cher Horowitz, the title role played by Alicia Silverstone, has to be the quintessential California-girl character of the 90’s. From several Aerosmith videos on MTV—when MTV only played music videos—to movie roles like Clueless, charismatic and flirty, to an electric femme-fatale in The Crush, Alicia Silverstone embodied an anti-ordinary acting ability. Silverstone could melt hearts with just one wince of her sultry and seductive visage. She could also be that girl-next-door sweetheart that could melt your heart with just one nod-and-smile. To embrace guilt and innocence, playing both sides with candor, one could infer that Alicia Silverstone was the, or at the very least, an, it-girl.
Clueless was Silverstone’s casual chance to shine not in a typical ‘let’s make this movie with the garrulous acting skills of one girl’ but in an esoteric ensemble cast of young actors with that sufficient-amount-of something special. If movie execs foresaw how popular Clueless would have been with the cult-classic movie lovers and the main-streamers alike, well, they may have laughed it off and axed the film. Along with a bright Silverstone there’s Paul Rudd(today’s every-man), Breckin Meyer(Road Trip and Rat Race), Stacey Dash(who at the time of the release of Clueless currently did a straight-to-video skin-emax style flick, Illegal in Blue for all you pervs), Brittany Murphy(rest in peace) and Dan Hedaya(total acting vet as the patriarch) to round out the assemblage.
Clueless is the ultimate movie to cuddle. It’s kind of a non-gender-specific movie. It may lean more to the feminine base but the masculine undertone creates an any-gender loving movie. If you went to high school in the 90’s you can relate with pin-point accuracy coming-of-age itemization from lunch-time love to coveted companionship to the contemporaneous threads.
“You see how picky I am about my shoes and they only go on my feet.” What about the one-liners? “Dude, what’s wrong. You suffering from buyer’s remorse or something?” Well, there are such a great number of catchphrases and dictum that casually get repeated in conversation between friends on a daily and imparted on social media that it’s no wonder the whole movie is out-of-order line-by-line on IMDB’s quotes section. “Yeah. I can’t find my Cranberries CD. I gotta go to the quad before anyone snags it.”
Even today’s hip-hop goddess Iggy Azalea is getting in on the Clueless kitsch. Iggy’s video for “Fancy” reimagines Clueless in its own charming way. It’s an innocuous pre-digital-revolution throwback. “Fancy” mirrors that poppy and light-hearted bubblegum-fun that Clueless exemplified. Fancy isn’t that ghetto-fab diva-hustla video publicized in most hip-hop videos—“Fancy” contextualizes the female mainstay yet indirectly entertains male viewers. Similarly, Clueless represents that movie a guy or gal can watch which each gender wholeheartedly considers to fundamentally radiate the cuddle movement, in turn leads to locking-lips. Intimate overtones created by the film brandish a collective gender-loving production to make-out; try it out on your next date.

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